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Using FlowDocument XAML to print XPS Documents. (Part 3)


Welcome to Part 3 of the Using FlowDocument XAML to print XPS Documents.  This article will demonstrate altering the page size of the FlowDocument.  I will be building off of the classes used in Part 2 of this series.

Altering PageSize of a FlowDocument.

First, we need to extend our XPS creation class by adding a page size adjustment method.

public static DocumentPaginator AdjustFlowDocumentToPage(DocumentPaginator document, PrintQueue printQueue)
    const double inch = 96;

    PrintTicket printTicket = printQueue.UserPrintTicket;

    // Get the media size.
    double width = printTicket.PageMediaSize.Width.Value;
    double height = printTicket.PageMediaSize.Height.Value; 

    // Set the margins.
    double leftmargin = 1.25 * inch;
    double rightmargin = 1.25 * inch;
    double topmargin = 1 * inch;
    double bottommargin = 1 * inch;

    // Calculate the content size.
    double contentwidth = width - leftmargin - rightmargin;
    double contentheight = height - topmargin - bottommargin;
    document.PageSize = new Size(contentwidth, contentheight); 

    return document;

This method pretty much identifies the page size of the print queue source you are using and adjusts the DocumentPaginator page size to fit.  Nothing too special here.

**One warning though, you will want to make certain the contentwidth and the contentheight are both positive numbers.  I excluded the tests here for simplicity **

Using the new AdjustFlowDocumentToPage method.

Now all that is left to do is to use the new method when we print.

private void PrintFuelingButton_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    SampleClass sample = new SampleClass();
    sample.Sample = "FlowDocument DataBinding Sample";

    IDocumentPaginatorSource flowDocument =
        XamlTemplatePrinter.RenderFlowDocumentTemplate(Path.Combine(Environment.CurrentDirectory, "XamlDocumentTemplate.xaml"), sample);
    PrintDialog flowPrintDialog = XamlTemplatePrinter.GetPrintDialog();
    if (flowPrintDialog == null)

    PrintQueue flowPrintQueue = flowPrintDialog.PrintQueue;   

    // This line is new and is an easy way to resize the PageSize.
    // However, it isn't enough just to change the PageSize, you also want to account for margin.
    flowDocument.DocumentPaginator.PageSize = new Size(96 * 8, 96 * 11);    

    // Print the FlowDocument, but check for the PrintQueue PageSize and adjust the content.
                                          XamlTemplatePrinter.AdjustFlowDocumentToPage(flowDocument.DocumentPaginator, flowPrintQueue));

Please feel free to comment or leave suggestions for future articles.


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